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Dr Imre MELLES Medical Director


I, the undersigned, declare that I have been informed:  the AEROMED KFT performs the IMO 1.13. Model Course according to the approval of the Hungarian National Transport Authority.   I signed up for the training on my own initiative. I participate in the practices as a volunteer. I have been informed that dangers may occur during the exercises. 

I hereby declare and confirm that I do not suffer from any disease.  I hereby declare and confirm that  I will take care of my valuables. I understand that if any extraordinary event occurring, including loss of my documents or luggage in case of an accident or injury during the training  the responsibility of AEROMED LTD extends only to the amount paid for the training. 

I am in the Training Centre at my own risk and I acknowledge with my authentic signature made in front of witness that I understand all of the above. If I do not agree with the above, I immediately withdraw from the Center, and with my staying I proclaim my agreement with the content of this Declaration file.

I hereby declare and confirm with my signature in front of a witness that I waive all claims in connection with IMO 1.13 Model Course training and IMO 1.13 Certificate and other pecuniary claims as well as complaints towards Imre Melles M.D. and his Aeromed LTD. definitely and irrevocably.

Having regard to the fact that AEROMED LTD performs his professional training activity in HUNGARY and issues IMO 1.13 Certificates in Budapest, in relation to his professional activity, only accepts the laws of Hungary as legally binding, and he may only be held liable according to the Hungarian legislative acts, before the competent Court having jurisdiction in Hungary. I accept the exclusive jurisdiction of Hungary in any legal dispute between me and Aeromed Kft.; I also accept the laws of Hungary as applicable in such legal disputes. I also designate and accept the competence of the II and III District Court of Budapest (Budapesti II. és III. Kerületi Bíróság), the Tribunal of Székesfehérvár (Székesfehérvári Törvényszék) for any such legal disputes.

 Date: / /2017.

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